Welcome to a New Year of Animals, Nature, and Art

Happy 2019! To everyone who is returning for the New Year, thank you for sticking with us and being part of our community here. Welcome back!  If you are new, here is a review of everything that’s been going on in 2018 and a look forward into 2019.

I am a traditional artist from Gilbert, Arizona. In my stores, in the Zazzle and Redbubble marketplace, you will see a lot of works inspired by the forest, which is North of where I live in the desert of Arizona. I enjoy working in pencil and watercolor. If you head over to my fiverr account, you can order a picture of any animal in either of those media. If you are looking for a physical copy mailed to you of any animal of your choice or your pet, contact us for a price and shipping quote.  I do a lot of my work in watercolor pencil, but I always like to experiment.

Beautiful Watercolor Kestrel in Progress
Work in progress based on many sketches

And where I do most of my experimental drawings is my sketchbook. Some artists don’t like keeping a sketchbook and that’s fine, too. To each their own. Everyone has their own style of working and growing as an artist.  I think working in a sketchbook is a great way to keep all of your work and ideas together, follow your progress linearly, and practice without the pressure of creating a finished piece. I have been keeping a sketchbook and drawing every day for over a year.


If you are interested in our blog and have been checking in with us, you may also know that I’m interested in natural history and evolutionary history. Not only does studying an animal’s ancestors help to learn the anatomy and movements of that particular animal, but it’s a fascinating look into the past and an almost entirely different world. If you’re interested in evolution and extinct species, there will definitely be more blog posts right up your alley in the new year.

On that note, it is very important that we stop driving animals alive today into extinction which is another area of interest to me.  Climate change and pollution, as well as deforestation and mining, are causing a situation where animals are going extinct at a rate thousands of times more than is natural. This blog also has a focus on conservation and awareness. To paraphrase something I’ve heard before, biodiversity has a time limit. We can’t bring species back from the dead (although the idea that we could is risky but intriguing) and so we have to save them while we can or else the only way we’ll see them is in pictures and museums. The first step towards remedying the situation is to raise awareness for the issue.

In the new year, I also plan on writing more about experimentation in art and some tutorials and tips for technique. In the past, we have had a watercolor techniques series.  Also, there is likely to be discussion of some art history and an overview of different movements.

Look for many more wilderness animals to be added to our stores over the coming months.  We currently offer hundreds of products in our Zazzle store as well as hundreds of artwork pieces in our Redbubble store.  Our Zazzle store focuses on wilderness animals and nature while our Redbubble store offers a variety of themes.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re as excited about us in this new year as we are! Follow us on twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to stay up-to-date with everything we’re doing and leave us a comment with any questions or recommendations you have. We are always open to new animal suggestions for our stores, topics you might like to read about, and comments about something you are thinking about in relation to the topics we are discussing.  We typically offer two blog posts a week and are active on our social media accounts so there are many ways for you to stay in touch.  See you next week and, until then, goodbye!

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