Tropical Fish | Fun Facts

Today at Light Future Art, we’re going to share some colorful and unique facts about tropical fish. There are thousands of species of tropical fish, both in the wild and in captivity. You might even have one in your family!

Colorful Tropical Fish

1. Tropical fish are so colorful and brightly patterned that you may find it hard to believe that they’re good with camouflage, but they actually blend into their environment very well. Their bright colors match the coral well and their stripes mimic sea anemones.
2. 25% of tropical fish live in or around coral reefs, an ecosystem that makes up only 1% of the earth.
3. Many species of tropical fish are capable of changing their sex, in the event of the death of the dominant male or female of the group. It is most common for a female to change to male, but some species change in the opposite direction, too. This change can occur in just a little over a week’s time.


Tropical Fish Swimming

4. Tropical fish are able to identify each other individually by their color patterns. Each fish is unique in its pattern, like fingerprints or zebra stripes.
5. Most tropical fish are able to see in ultraviolet light, giving them a completely different view of the world than humans.
6. The world’s first tropical aquarium was opened in 1853 in London. Shortly after, another tropical aquarium was opened in New York by P.T. Barnum.



Pufferfish Photo7. Like birds, the bright colors on tropical fish are used in courtship. The more colorful the male fish is, the more attractive he is to the females.
8. The kissing gourami has larger-than-usual lips and can sometimes be seen kissing each other, hence the name. But don’t be fooled. These fish aren’t being romantic; the kissing gesture is actually a sign of fights between two males defending food or territory.
9. Pufferfish actually are a type of fish that don’t have scales. They have spines instead. Pufferfish rely on their sharp spines to defend against predators, as they are fairly clumsy and slow swimmers. They are also toxic.

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