Toad Fun Facts and Information

Today at Light Future Art, we’re going to share some fun facts about toads from all over the world!

Brown Toad on Leaves1. Toads can be found living on every continent, except for Antarctica. Their preferred habitat is usually grasslands or fields which have ample water. However, they rely on water to a much smaller degree than frogs and some toads can even thrive in deserts.
2. The largest toad in the world is the Cane toad in Australia. They usually are a little less than a foot in length, though some have claimed to have seen bigger ones. The smallest toad is the North American oak toad, which grows to be just a little over an inch long.
3. Toads have a place on their neck or shoulders called the parotoid gland. These glands produce a poisonous substance called bufotoxin which can kill small animals, protect the toad from predators, and cause an allergic reaction in humans.


Toad Sitting By Tree4. The diet of toads usually consists of insects, spiders, slugs, small amphibians, and small mammals. They have no teeth and so swallow their prey whole.
5. The majority of toads are nocturnal. They typically spend their days sleeping in burrows, under leaves, or in trees. Some toads also hibernate in the winter months due to low temperatures.
6. The average lifespan of most toads is between five and 10 years, but the common toad is known to live for up to 50 years.
7. People who live near toads can use their calls to predict rain. When a rainstorm is on the way, toads have been known to make a croak that sounds like “rain-today, rain-today”.


Large Toad on Dirt8. A group of toads is called a knot. Toads usually do not gather into knots, preferring to live a solitary life, but some species do form large knots once a year to migrate.
9. Compared with frogs, toads have short hind legs. They are unable to jump but move in a hopping motion. Some toads can hop at a speed of five miles per hour!
10. Toads tend to return every year for breeding season to the same pond or location at which they hatched. It is believed that toads find their way home by listening to the specific calls of their siblings.


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