Things to Smile About – A Big Helping of Good News

Happy World Smile Day! To make you smile, here are 12 good news headlines to make you smile and feel more optimistic.

Giant Panda1 – The Giant Panda is off the endangered species list. So are sea otters, the black-footed ferret, and the Louisiana black bear. Grey wolves are also increasing in population due to conservation efforts!
2 – Child mortality in impoverished countries has fallen incredibly and noticeably since the 1990s. UNICEF and other organizations have, at a conservative estimate, saved the lives of at least 100 million children so far! Let’s keep up the good work.
3 – NASA has recently found a “super-Earth”, a planet with landmasses and water like ours but is twice as big. This planet is about 31 light-years away, and could either hold extraterrestrial life like ours, which we could hopefully communicate with. Or, if uninhabited, we could hope to live on one day, after we invent faster-then-light technology or sleeper ships. I’m okay with all of those options, personally.
4 – 150 countries around the world have made plans to reduce carbon emissions in the decades to come. They account for about 90% of the greenhouse gases being pumped into our environment every year. Climate change has also become a more mainstream discussion topic and people are prioritizing it higher than they have in the past.


Bee Sitting on a Yellow Flower5 – On that same note, NASA has reported that the Earth is much greener than it was 20 years ago, with more trees. That’s in large part thanks to India, which planted millions of trees after floods destroyed many trees and plants. Thousands of volunteers came together to make this happen, in a relatively short time, too.
6 – Lots of bus stops in the Netherlands have been built with green roofs for bees. These green bus stops have grass and flowers for pollination and improving air quality.
7 – The rate of violent crimes in the United States has dropped every year (with only a few exceptions) since the late 90s, despite public perception. The rate of non-violent crimes, like theft, have also been decreasing. The rate of the latter types of crimes has gone down by as much as 70% in the last 20 years.
8 – The demand for ivory in China has dropped by nearly 90%. China is the largest market that poachers sell to and so conservation groups have made targeted campaigns in the country to stop the problem at its source. Victory in China could mean victory on a much larger scale, too, as without demand, poachers have no reason to kill elephants for their tusks.


The Majestic Jaguar9 – The population of wild jaguars in Mexico has increased 20% in the past year. Jaguars once lived throughout Mexico and even into Arizona. Read more about the jaguar and their success story here.
10 – The amount of cigarette use in America is the lowest it has been since recognition of the dangers of smoking became known in the 1960’s. The rate of smoking has fallen quickly in the past decade, with the rate falling by at least a percentage point every year lately.
11 – Refugees living in Germany have been able to find jobs and settle down, and the amount of immigrants in German government has risen 6% in the last two elections they’ve had.
12 – We might not actually be in danger from overpopulation. The amount of children each woman has been halved since 1950. Many countries are now either keeping their population steady or decreasing. The astronomical estimates that I’m sure we’ve all seen could not come to pass at all.



I hope you all have a wonderful day and smile at least once! We publish a new blog every Tuesday and Friday so, until next time, thank you for reading and goodbye!

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