The Adorable Guinea Pig

Today on Light Future Art, we’re shining the spotlight on some adorable animals who you might just have as companions: guinea pigs!

Guinea Pig Eating Grass1. Being highly intelligent animals, guinea pigs are able to recall and learn their way around new environments easily. They can solve complex mazes using landmarks and symbol recognition. Furthermore, they are extremely curious and are likely to explore any place they find themselves in.
2. Guinea pigs are not actually from Guinea. They originate from the Andean region of South America. They may have gotten their name from a misunderstanding of the name of the Guiana region of South America, although this is not where guinea pigs can usually be found in the wild.


Mother Guinea Pig with Babies3. Like rabbits, guinea pigs jump when they are excited. With guinea pigs, this little action is called “popcorning”.
4. Baby guinea pigs are born already having their full set of teeth. Unlike other mammals, they are quickly capable of eating solid food, usually within a day of their birth.
5. Guinea pigs sleep is short little burst but are awake for most of the day, usually 20 hours in total.
6. Teddy Roosevelt had five guinea pigs. Their names were Admiral Dewey, Dr. Johnson, Bob Evans, Bishop Doan, and Father O’Grady. As you might have guessed, many of these guinea pigs were named after friends of the family.
7. Though guinea pigs are very social and use a variety of sounds to communicate with one another, the most common sound they make is a “wheek”. This is used solely to communicate with humans and means that they want more food. Guinea pigs also purr when feeling content.


Three Guinea Pigs8. Guinea pigs have over twice the auditory range of humans. While they can hear much higher frequencies, they are also extremely sensitive to noise.
9. The toe configuration of guinea pigs is uneven. They have four toes on their front feet and three toes on their back feet. This makes them poor climbers and not very agile.
10. The majority of a guinea pig’s diet should consist of hay or grass. They also can eat some pellet food and vegetables and need vitamin C supplements, but they mostly require hay. No matter how much hay guinea pigs eat, they will never become overweight or unhealthy. The same can’t be said for any other food, though.


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