Step by Step Drawing Tutorial – Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs Standing AlertIf you’re interested in learning how to draw a cartoon prairie dog or how to break anatomy down into shapes, keep on reading, this tutorial is for you.

The first step is to draw a snowman. Connect your “snowballs” to form a smooth curve, but the proportions of the three segments of the body ought to be in a snowman formation. The top one will be a little more triangular than the others. This snowman will determine how plump you want your prairie dog to be. A skinnier snowman will be a younger prairie dog, or one that’s just thinner. Most adults will lean more to the large snowman side, though.

Once you’ve drawn the snowman how you want, it’s time to add the arms to your prairie dog. Imagine their arms as semi-circles with a little oval on the end. The curved portion of the semi-circle is going to be in the downwards direction. You can see below that I’ve drawn one arm hanging down and one being held up. The arm being held up has the weight distributed evenly along the arm, and so it’s more oval in shape. Considering gravity when drawing the arms is the most important thing.

The third step is to draw the legs. The legs are ovals touching the sides of the bottom most section of your snowman. They too have little ovals for the feet. The large ovals should be about a third of the width of the bottom snowman portion, so that there’s one third that’s empty in the middle.

Then, draw the nose and mouth. The nose is quite large unless you’re drawing more from a bird’s eye view. It is a triangle with the point downwards. Unlike dogs, the mouth does not divide right below the nose. Instead, draw a straight line downwards, and then draw your mouth from there. The mouth will almost always also be a straight line.

The fifth step is to draw the eyes. This one is super easy, just draw the eyes on the side of your top snowman portion. They need to be touching the sides if you’re drawing the face looking straight on. That’s because prairie dogs’ eyes are positioned on the sides of their heads. Their eyes sit right above their cheeks.

Finally, feel free to darken up any of the lines you like best, add shading, or color. With these basic steps, you can draw a prairie dog in any pose you’d like. If you’ve broken down the animal’s anatomy into basic shapes, you can draw them doing anything, even poses and actions that a prairie dog doesn’t do in real life, and make it look correct.

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