Siberian Flying Squirrels – Fun Facts and Information

Siberian Flying SquirrelThe Siberian flying squirrel is the only flying squirrel species to live in Europe, and can be found in Russia, Latvia, and Finland. They also live across all of Russia and some in China. Like all flying squirrels, they are gliders, not flyers, meaning that they use their gliding membranes, the skin between their front and back legs, to glide through the air like a plane or hang glider, and not flap like a bird. Some Siberian flying squirrels have been recorded to glide over 300 feet at once, though, so don’t knock their abilities.

Siberian flying squirrels have a wide and varied diet, which consists of fruit, nuts, berries, flowers, leaves, cones, seeds, nuts, and occasionally birds’ eggs. They hide these foods in holes or nooks in trees, and can sometimes take control of woodpeckers’ nesting holes when they’re not in use. If they live near a populated area, sometimes these flying squirrels can also store food or even nest in birdhouses. Siberian flying squirrels build their nests in the spring and line them with lots of soft materials, much as moss or lichen.


Siberian Flying SquirrelThese shy animals are mostly nocturnal and aren’t often seen by humans. Some exceptions are when mothers take their babies out looking for food, which they do during the day time. So, in other words, you probably won’t see any Siberian flying squirrels unless you see a mother and her babies. These squirrels live in quite cold areas, but they don’t hibernate. Instead, while still not being very active, they sleep for a few days at a time and then are active again. Their fur also changes color with the seasons. In the summer, their fur is a yellow grey color, and in winter it turns to a pale grey, almost white.

These little flying squirrels are very social animals. They like to nest in the same trees and form communities. Also, they prefer to nest in pairs, even when there aren’t any babies and it isn’t mating season. Because they’re very shy and difficult to observe, it isn’t known exactly how they communicate, but we know that one of the sounds they make is a chirping sound. Groups of flying squirrels are called scurries or drays. Their babies are called pups or kits, and the male is a buck and the female is a doe. If any of you know why they have the same names as deer, please let me know in the comments down below.

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