Painting Lovebirds – Watercolor Tips

Pair of Love Birds In TreeIn preparation of Valentines Day later this week, I’m going to be painting a pair of lovebirds today in watercolor markers. Lovebirds are small parrots praised by the Romans as the ideal of romance because of their devotion to one another. Lovebirds can often be found cuddling together just like in this painting. Read to the end to get this artwork on a variety of gifts on Redbubble.

First off, I start with my sketch. It’s very light, I don’t want the pencil to be too visible after I’m done painting. Watercolors are transparent and pencil can’t be erased once it’s been painted over.

From here, I started with my lightest color: yellow. Always start with your lightest color. This stops the colors from becoming muddy and it’s easy to layer dark over light, but impossible to layer light over dark. I blended the yellow from the beak out onto the birds’ heads by diluting the pigments in the water. The more water you add, the lighter the color will be.

I then added red to both of the lovebirds’ heads and blended it out using the same method as the yellow. By adding more and more water to my brush as I bring the paint down, I achieved the soft gradient that you can see. On the bird to the left, I used only one shade of green for his stomach and tail feathers. I applied the marker to the areas I wanted to be darkest and then filled in with water to add the lighter areas.

For the bird on the right, though, I used two different blues for the wing and tail. I added water to the lighter blue areas first before I moved to the darker areas. You can see the nice watery line at the top of the blue. I didn’t blend the color out to nothing, so there is a clear distinction between the white and the blue. There are a large variety of color patterns that lovebirds can come in: green, blue, yellow, black, red.

On the branch where they are sitting, I drew in the brown and only added water to the two ends and the portion that is between the lovebirds. After that was dry, I added texture with a darker brown marker. I used that same brown for their eyes, for which I drew the outlines and then filled the outlines with water.

Be sure to see this painting on Redbubble, where you can get it on notebooks, shirts, stickers, and more!

Have a great Valentines Day! If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to leave them in a comment below. We publish a new blog every Tuesday and Friday so, until next time, thank you for reading and goodbye!

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