Jackal Fun Facts and Information

How much do you know about jackals? Find out some fascinating fun facts about these canines today on Light Future Art!

Jackal Howling1. Jackals live in Africa, Asia, and Southeastern Europe. There are three species of jackals: common jackals, side-striped jackals, and black-backed jackals. Common jackals have several names, some of which are golden jackals, oriental jackals, and Asiatic jackals.
2. Common jackals live in deserts, grasslands, and savannas. Side-striped jackals also live in savannas but also can be found in marshes and mountainous regions. Black-backed jackals live in savannas, as well, but also live in woodlands.
3. “Jackal” comes from a long history of languages adopting words from other languages. Most recently, it is from “chacal”, in French. But French borrowed from Persian “shoghal”, and Persian borrowed from Sanskrit “srgala”. “Srgala” means “the howler”.


Two Adult Jackals Rest4. Jackals have long leg bones and large feet which means that they are perfect for running over long distances. They are also pretty fast as they run, being able to maintain a speed of 10 miles per hour over miles.
5. Jackals are usually solitary. They are scavengers and will occasionally gather to eat. They require cooperation to hunt larger prey so doing so is rarer than a lone jackal hunting smaller prey.
6. Jackals are very vocal with their communication. They use yells, growls, and howls to talk to one another. Usually, jackals will only respond to communication from their family members. Side-striped jackals also use a hoot, similar to an owl, rather than a howl.
7. Jackals are monogamous and very territorial. Pairs of jackals will allow their pups and adult children to live on their territory but fiercely defend it from anyone else.


Two Jackal Pups8. An average litter for a jackal is three to six pups. For the first t10 days of their lives, the pups are blind. They are completely dependent on their parents bringing home food until they are four months old. At this point, they can begin to accompany their parents while hunting.
9. Jackal pups love to play. They wrestle and bite each other but develop more coordination and skill as they get older. Some more advanced types of play are pouncing and ambushing. They also like to play tug of war and chase each other.
10. Good news! Jackals are not listed as endangered by the IUCN. They have large populations which are fairly stable and widespread. While growing conflict between humans and jackals is concerning, jackals are fairly safe compared to other animals.


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