How To Draw A Rabbit in Six Illustrated Steps

Bunny Sitting in GrassToday, we are going to be learning how to draw a rabbit, step by step. So grab some paper, your pencils, or open up your favorite program, and let’s dive right into it.

The first step to drawing a rabbit is by drawing two circles and a rectangle. The largest circle is the body. When sitting still, rabbits are almost perfect circles, and when walking or stretched out, they’re closer to ovals. I’m going to be drawing a sitting pose, but these steps will still work if you decide to draw a different pose. The smaller circle goes inside the larger one and to one side — don’t draw it in the middle. This will form the back leg of your rabbit. The rectangle is the head of your rabbit. Have it at a natural angle.

Step two is to draw the feet. In a very simplified way, the feet are triangles sitting on a flat side. Since they’re going to connect to the legs, though, don’t worry about the triangle being too distinct. I also took the opportunity to draw in the tail at this point, too, since I was working right there. The tail is not actally a circle but a little curved triangle. While hopping or walking, the tail will be angled downward, and while sitting the tail will be upwards.

The third step is to define the head. This is a little tricky if you haven’t practiced. The top of the head, or the top of your rectangle, is a smooth curve, slightly domed. The snout is a shorter line than the back of the head, and so under the jaw will NOT be parallel to the rectangle. The line to form the underside of the head should be angled down towards the chest.

The fourth step is to draw those big rabbit ears. They are roughly teardrop shaped and longer than your rabbit’s head. You will be able to see the ear on the far side of the head behind and lower than the closer ear. The point at the end of the teardrop won’t be visible, the ears connect to the head before that point. The rabbit’s ears are pretty skinny, as well, and should not be wider than their head.

Step five is to smooth out the shape and bring all the previous steps together. I used a heavy pencil to do this, and just defined all of the outline of the rabbit’s body, being guided by the construction shapes but not sticking rigidly to them. I didn’t add any details or shading at this point, just the shapes and curve of the rabbit.

And the final step is to add the details. The rabbit’s nose is like a triangle, point down, without a top. If there was a top to the triangle, it would be right at the corner of the head leading into the snout. Rabbits have large eyes set far back in their head. The eye is the shape of a lemon. I also added detail to the ear and just a little bit of shading. Once you’ve reached this point, though, you can complete the picture as far as you’d like to go.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this helpful. We publish a new blog every Tuesday and Friday so, until next time, goodbye!

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