How To Draw a Dinosaur Step-by-step


Allosaurus ArtworkA few months ago, we posted a how-to-draw birds tutorial. You might want to take a look at it if you haven’t already seen it before reading this post. This tutorial going to slightly build on that one.

This week, we are going to be drawing dinosaurs, specifically raptors, by using the same framework from drawing birds. Bird are the descendants of dinosaurs, and their skeletal structure is nearly identical.


So the first step to drawing a raptor, like velociraptor or a tyrannasaurid, is to draw a bird. Don’t add any of the bird-like details, but sketch out the bare bones framework as if you were going to be drawing a bird. The tail vertebrae on a dinosaur are not fused like a bird’s, which is the biggest difference. The tail line should extend at least as long as the ribcage. The tail on my drawing will be curved, but if you are going to draw the tail straight, it will need to easily be two times the length of the ribs.

The second step is to draw the legs and arms. The legs have muscle, unlike most birds’ legs, and you can see the entirety of the leg. Drawing the feet is not necessary at this stage, and there isn’t a singular type of foot that raptors have, but they are large and clawed. The arms have only a little bit of muscle on them, and the hands just hang down, because they were too short to move around and grasp.

The third step is to draw the head, and remember, there is no beak. The snout is rectangular, and the skull comes to a dome at the top of the circle you made for the head. Do not follow the line you made for the neck very closely, dinosaurs had thicker necks than birds. The neck moves very smoothly into the back and chest. You can draw the stomach at this point, too, if you follow the sternum.

The fourth step is to draw the tail. It tapers until it’s very narrow at the end, but is quick wide close to the body.

Finally, you can add the other arm and leg, and any details that you want. The dinosaur I drew is based not on one specific species but drew inspiration from a few, primarily Allosaurus and Tyranosaurus. You can hint at the other eye and make the head three dimensional by drawing a small curve on top of teh snout, which is where the ridge above the eye on the far side would go. I added ridges along the back and side, but you don’t have to.

Thank you for reading. How did your pictures turn out? Please leave any questions or comments in a comment down below. We publish a new blog every Tuesday and Friday so, until next time, goodbye!

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