How to Draw a Brown Bear – Step by Step Instructions

Brown bears are actually the same animal as grizzly bears, so you can use the term interchangeably. Typically, though, brown bears live on the coast and grizzly bears don’t. Now that you know that, do you want to know how to draw one?


This is going to be a full body drawing of a grizzly bear, so make sure to keep that in mind with this first step. The first step is to draw three circles/ovals, one circle for the head (this is going to be the smallest), one tall oval for the chest and that distinctive grizzly bear hump, and one long oval for the back and rest of the body. If you have access to a variety of pencils, you’ll probably want to be using the lightest you have for this step, and because it will be very light, don’t be afraid to make it as sketchy as it needs to be. The important this is that you lay this groundwork in a way that makes sense to you and that can inform you later.


The second step is to draw the legs. You can refine these later, too, but focus on how they curve right now. The back legs curve in the direction of the head and are fairly straight in the front. The front legs curve inwards very slightly on both the front and the back. Try to keep the feet level. The legs and feet on the side of the bear facing away are going to appear to be slightly shorter because they are farther away.


The third step is to draw the snout. That’s it. The snout is like a rectangle with the top shorter than the bottom. It extends slightly beneath the head circle.


The fourth step is to smooth over the shapes made in the first three steps with a darker pencil. This is also the step where you can draw in the ears and eyes and nose. The stomach should not follow the shapes in step one. It curves downwards. Darken some of the sides of the snout and draw the eyes to the sides of where these lines end. Also, notice how the head isn’t a perfect circle, it curves out on the sides.


The fifth step is to shade in the darkest areas. You can see the areas I shaded here. If you’re drawing with a light source other than the sun keep in mind, you’ll need to change your shading accordingly.  Your light source plays a huge roll in the colors and shading of your art.


And sixth, you can’t see the tail on this drawing, but if you were to draw the tail in a future picture, that would be dark, too.

How did your picture turn out? Do you have any questions or requests for future topics? Please leave those in a comment below. We publish a new blog every Tuesday and Friday so, until next time, goodbye!

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