Hamsters – Adorable Pet Fun Facts

We have talked about many fun facts about pets here at Light Future Art, from parrots, to cats, to bunnies. Today, we’re going to be sharing some little known fun facts about hamsters.

Small Pale Hamster1. The name “hamster” comes from the word “hamstern”, which means “hoard” in German. This is because hamsters love to hoard food.
2. Hamsters take dust baths to remove oils from their fur. You can help your hamster do this by placing a bowl of dust designed specifically for your hamster in their home. They are also very tidy with their home and only require a human to clean out their bedding and remove old food every so often.
3. Hamsters have agile front and back paws and use them like hands, picking up food, toys, or bedding just as adeptly as a human could.
4. Hamsters recognize their names. If you speak to your hamster using their name often enough, they will associate the sounds with themselves and might even come to you when you call them.


Hamster Nibbling on Food5. Hamsters do not have a strong sense of sight. The baby hamsters are born blind and as adults, they can only see a short distance in front of them. They have a good sense of smell to make up for it, though.
6. Just like chipmunks, hamsters have cheek pouches that they regularly store food in. They return this food to their “burrow” to hide in a stash for later.
7. While hamsters generally like to live alone and don’t require or enjoy the company of other hamsters, they do like playing with their humans. Letting them out of their home to play with toys with you can be a positive experience for them (and for you, too, of course).
8. The first hamsters originated in Syria, and the Syrian hamster, also known as the “teddy bear hamster” is the most popular hamster to have as a pet. Teddy bear hamsters get their name from their soft, fluffy fur.


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9. Hamsters are smart and need to have plenty of enriching and exciting toys in their home to stay happy. They also need toys to chew on, as their teeth must be worn down to prevent them from getting too long.
10. Hamsters are fast runners, and their agile back feet allow them to run backwards just as well as they do frontwards.

Thank you for reading! If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to leave them in a comment below. Also let us know if you happen to have a hamster in your family. We publish a new blog every Tuesday and Friday so, until next time, thank you for reading and goodbye!

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