Fun Facts About Goats

Today on Light Future Art, we’re going to share some fun facts about goats. Go here to read our blog post about mountain goats!

Baby Goat with Greens1. Goats are incredibly social animals and require the company of others to remain happy and healthy. In the wild, goat herds are typically around 20 individuals and are at their largest size during the summer months.
2. There is an Ethiopian folk story that says that goats are responsible for discovering coffee. The story goes that a goatherder noticed his goats were extra energetic one day after grazing on some berries from coffee plants. After tasting them himself, he spread the practice of drinking coffee all over the world.
3. Contrary to popular belief, goats are actually very picky eaters. They will often refuse to eat food that has been lying around for longer than a day or which has been stepped on.


Two Adult Goats4. The smallest breed of goat is the Nigerian Dwarf goat, which only grows to weigh less than 30 pounds. The largest, on the other hand, is the Anglo-Nubian goat, which can weigh over 250 pounds.
5. Goats communicate to each other by bleating, and each goat has a call that is unique to only them. However, they also communicate with one another through sneezing. When a goat perceives a danger to the group, they will warn everyone else by sneezing loudly.
6. In addition to each goat having a unique bleat, goats who live in different areas have different styles of bleating, like accents.
7. Worldwide, goat’s milk is the most popular kind of milk to drink. Goat’s milk is also significantly more nutritious to drink than cow’s milk, with higher levels of calcium and vitamin A, and is easier to digest, too!


Baby Goats Running8. Goats will ask for help from humans if there is a task they can’t accomplish on their own. Researchers have observed goats locking eyes with humans and looking frustrated when given a task that they can’t accomplish, clearly requesting the human to assist them.
9. Goats can also read human facial expressions. They tend to avoid people who look angry and are comfortable around people who are smiling.
10. While they can survive in almost any climate, goats detest the rain. They can usually tell when it’s about to rain before it actually does and head for the nearest shelter. They also avoid mud and puddles at all costs.

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