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Today at Light Future Art we’re going to share some fun facts about the fennec fox, a unique and adorable little fox that you may not know as much about as you might think.

Fennec Fox Face Photo1. The fennec fox is the smallest species of canid. An adult fennec fox may only measure a little over a foot long on their head and body (not counting their tail). An adult fennec fox only weighs about two pounds.
2. The habitat of the fennec fox is sandy and hot, with their range covering Northern Africa and the Sahara Desert. Their large ears help release heat, like jackrabbits’ ears. They are also mostly nocturnal, sleeping throughout the hottest parts of the day.
3. Families of fennec foxes live in burrows that can cover large areas of over 1,000 square feet. Different burrows often connect to each other. One burrow may have more than 10 different entrances.


Baby Fennec Fox4. Fennec foxes are very territorial and the males can become aggressive when defending their mates. They communicate with growls, barks, and the more friendly squeaks and chattering.
5. Both the male and female fennec fox take responsibility in caring for their children and are monogamous. Fennec foxes have one litter of pups a year, and a litter usually is anywhere from a single pup to four.
6. Young fennec foxes will remain with their mother and father for over a year, even when they are no longer dependent on their mother for food.
7. The diet of the omnivorous fennec fox consists of insects, lizards, small mammals, fruits, eggs, and other plants. Most of the water they need comes from the plants they consume.



Fennec Fox Sits on Ground8. In addition to keeping them cool, the ears of fennec foxes are capable of hearing the small sounds of bugs under the sand, which comes in handy to find food.
9. Some great news is that the fennec fox does not appear to be in danger of extinction. While it’s difficult to say exactly how many foxes there are in the wild, researchers see enough to estimate that their populations are large and stable.


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