Exploring Big Cats – Fun Facts

Today on Light Future Art, we’re going to have some fun and explore some interesting and little known facts about wild cats and big cats, from the lion to the tiger to the leopard.

Adult Male Lion Photo1. There are 38 species of cats, including big cats, wild cats, and domestic cats. Big cats belong to the genus Panthera, and smaller cats belong to the genus Felis.
2. Ligers are a hybrid between a male lion and a female tiger. Due to a genetic trait called growth dysplasia, they grow to twice the size of their parents. A liger is the largest cat in the world.
3. Leopards have been known to be able to carry prey that is almost twice their own weight.


Cheetah Running Through Grass4. When a cheetah is running at full speed, their average stride is roughly 22 feet in length.
5. Jaguars hunt by waiting in trees or other camouflaged areas and jumping onto their prey from above. The name jaguar means “he who kills with one leap”.
6. The clouded leopard has the largest ratio between the size of their canine teeth to the size of their body. Some refer to them as the “modern saber-toothed tiger”.
7. Both black jaguars and leopards are commonly called black panthers.
8. The cougar, or puma, or mountain lion actually has about 40 different names in the English language, making it the Guinness World Record holder for the most names attributed to one animal.

Adult Tiger Photo9. In addition to being a record holder, pumas are technically not classified as big cats despite their size. This is due to the fact that they cannot roar. They can, however, purr.
10. On the other hand, lions and tigers have the loudest roars of all cats. The roar of a lion can be heard from over five miles away. That is because of the shape of their vocal chords and their vertebrae. The lions’ are the largest, so they have the loudest roar.
11. It is possible for female lions to have somewhat of a mane. This happens due to a genetic disturbance, scientists believe, and, while her mane isn’t as full as an adult male’s, these female lions are often mistaken for male.

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