Dinosaurs of Distinction – Record Holding Discoveries

Foggy Morning Glow Above TreesToday we’ll be discussing some of the records of dinosaurs, the largest, smallest, fastest, and some that you might now expect. So sit back and prepare to have your mind blown.

Largest Ever Dinosaur

Argentinosaurus likely was the largest dinosaur by mass to have ever lived. Argentinosaurus was a sauropod who lived about 100 million years ago in Argentina (I bet you could guess that, though). And they hold the record for the longest, largest by mass, and tallest dinosaur that we currently know about. This dinosaur would have weigh at least 70 tons and was probably over 100 feet long.

Smallest Ever Dinosaur

Answering the question of who the smallest dinosaur ever was is actually a lot more difficult than it seems. There are many contenders for this title, but there is confusion and a lot of unknowns about which fossils are adults and which are juveniles. Some of the possibilities are: Microraptor, who lived in China and was about the size of a crow; the herbivorous Wannanosaurus, also from China; and Saltopus, who was an insectivore.

Raptor Fossil

Fastest Ever Dinosaur

The fastest dinosaurs were the raptors ornithomimids, who moved and were the size of ostriches. It is estimated that they could run at least 25 miles per hour, although many believe that is a conservative estimate. These dinosaurs would have had to be fast if they were going to be active predators as opposed to scavengers.


Slowest Ever Dinosaur

Sauropods as a group were probably the slowest dinosaurs, as they have huge and heavy bodies and short legs. They were herbivores, so speed won’t help them get meals. The largest of the sauropods, such as Apatosaurus and Argentinosaurus, would have been the slowest, but that was fine for them. They were so big they weren’t in much danger of becoming prey.

Most Colorful Dinosaur

The most colorful dinosaur might have just been recently found. Last year in China, a small duck-sized dinosaur was found with feathers that would have been iridescent and every color of the rainbow. They also had a large colorful crest of feathers on their head and have been named Caihong juji, meaning “rainbow with big crest”. Despite being so small, these dinosaurs were carnivorous.


Eoraptor FossilOldest Dinosaur

The oldest (earliest) known dinosaur was a small raptor called Eoraptor, a name meaning “dawn stealer”. This name comes from the fact that they lived at the dawn of the Age of the Dinosaurs, 228 million years ago.

New dinosaurs are being discovered all the time, and maybe tomorrow one will be found which will make a new record. A lot of these records are based on scientists’ speculation and have been revised heavily over the years as we learn more about what dinosaurs looked like and would have moved like.


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