Cute and A-mew-sing Cat Facts

Cats are really cute, right? Some might even dare say they’re adorable. But did you know these 10 little known facts that might be able to make you say “Aww” all the more?

Two Cats Snoozings1. Scientists who have studied how cats’ brains work have determined that cats and humans actually think very similarly. We solve and think through problems in the same way and we both store memories in the same way.
2. Cats are the second most popular animal companion in America, after fish. There are almost 100 million house cats with loving homes in the country as of now. You can make it one more (or a few more) by adopting from your local cat shelter.
3. Purrs can be actually healing to both the cat and to human companions. The frequency that a cat purrs at is consistent and has actually been shown to reinforce the cat’s bones and heal injuries faster. Purring also helps humans heal, too. Having a cat companion can also reduce a human’s risk for heart disease.


Excited Kitten4. Cats can make about 100 different sounds, from meowing to hissing to purring. Each sound is for a different purpose and has many variations.
5. When cats rub against your legs, they’re marking you as their territory. When they nuzzle against you, urging to be pet, it shows that they trust you and feel safe around you.
6. Cats are far-sighted. They can’t see what’s directing in front of them, but have excellent vision for objects that are far away. This helps them be great night stalkers and, paired with their whiskers and wonderful sense of smell, makes them superb hunters.


Fluffy Kitten Sitting on Wall7. Do you ever wonder how cats can jump so far or so high? Well, cats can actually jump up to six times the length of their bodies. The average cat is about 1.5 feet long, which means they can jump nine feet, and bigger cats can jump even more.
8. It’s pretty commonly known that a female cat is called a queen and a male is called a tom, but did you know that a female could also be called a molly? Both queen and molly are correct. And a group of cats is called a clowder.
9. Cat language is meowing, right? Wrong! At least, it’s not how they talk to one another. Kittens do meow at their parents when very young, but when a cat meows, they’re talking to you (or another nearby human), not another cat. Cats communicate with each other in the sub-vocal range. Some people think that cats developed the behavior of meowing at us or near us because we respond positively to hearing them and then take care of them. There might be something to that.
10. Cats have dominant paws like we have dominant hands. While most humans are right-handed, dominant paw-ness actually is related to the cat’s gender. Most female cats prefer to use their right paw over their left.


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