Have you ever wanted to start your own business with little to no start-up cost?  Looking for something for when the little ones take a nap or are in school?  Perhaps you already have a full time job and want something to do in your spare time.  Zazzle is one of the largest Print on Demand companies today and allows you to open a store for free.  Let us help you get started by explaining how to open a store, choose a store name, and how to get your products found in the large Zazzle marketplace.  Check out our class offerings.  Very small class sizes geared to provide personalized instruction and tools to help you be a success.

Zazzle Basics

All of our scheduled classes are currently full.  Please message us for more information.


Additional Classes will be scheduled the first week of August.  Check back or contact us for details.

One hour classes including question and answer time and email support after the class for $15 per person.  Payment via Paypal.  Please contact us at  lightfutureart@gmail.com for more information, check availability, and reserve your spot today.