Caring for Neighborhood Cats

Earlier this week, we talked about some of the things you can easily do to take care of your bird neighbors. Today, we’re going to share with you some simple ways to be a good neighbor to your local neighborhood cats.

Two Cats Eating1. Put out food and water for your cat neighbors. Both are important, as water laying around might be contaminated and unhealthy for the cats to drink. Put the food and water bowls away from roads and sidewalks to keep the cats safe and unafraid as they eat. Make sure to keep the bowls clean for them, too.
2. If the cat seems comfortable with humans, it’s likely that they have an owner. Put up flyers where you can or put out a neighborhood alert to try to find the owner. You can put up notices at your local pet stores. If someone’s cat has run away, they’ll be checking everywhere they can to find them.

White Cat Outdoors3. If you live in a cold area, especially an area that regularly gets down below freezing or has snow, it’s a great idea to build a shelter or home for cats in your area. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just a place for the cats to keep warm and safe. You can use just a large plastic box filled with straw or blankets, or construct a sturdy and dry shelter with bricks or lumber. It’s a great idea to build your shelter against one wall of your house to block the wind.
4. Some shelters and charities will help you get your neighborhood cats spayed, neutered, and vaccinated. This keeps the cats safe, manages the cat population in your neighborhood, and makes humans in your area more likely to like the cats. Many people are afraid of the transmission of diseases from feral cats to pets or humans and the threat of the number of cats multiplying. If you let them know that you’ve made sure they’ve been spayed and vaccinated, those people will welcome the cats with open arms.


Cat Sitting on Fence5. Feral cats are often afraid of humans, but their kittens aren’t. If you notice that some of your neighborhood cats have babies, foster them if you’re able. Cat shelters are usually only allowed to adopt out cats who are two months old or more, so if you can take care of the kittens until then, you’ll be making sure that the kittens have a great forever home one day.



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Now that you’ve learned how to care for your local outdoor cat friends, you can go here to read about what you can do for birds in your yard.

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