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Right now, lots of people have a lot of free time at home. To keep yourself busy, I’ve created a list of fun art and drawing ideas that will keep you occupied, help you grow and improve as an artist, or allow you to turn your mind off for a while and just relax.

Busy Bee Graphic1. Something I like to do often is draw from Google Maps or Google Earth. The Google Earth program is free to download, but if you don’t want to commit to that, the online Maps tool work just as well for this. I go down to street view in the program and walk around until I find a view that I think is interesting. Not only do you get to travel vicariously, but you’ll get to see architecture from all over the world. In addition to drawing the buildings you see, there are landscapes, vehicles, people, and landmarks to explore. I can spend hours doing this, and if I’ve introduced this idea to you for the first time, now you can, too.


2. Draw and design characters from a book you’ve read. Novels don’t have pictures (most of the time) so it’s up to the reader to decide what the characters look like. Something fun to do is go through the process of designing those characters for yourself. Either find a description of the character in the book or completely disregard that in favor of your own interpretation. Draw more than one possibility; don’t stop at your first sketch. You can work in parts (figuring out the face, then the body type, then the clothes, etc) or you can start with the big picture and narrow in the details as you go. Professional character designers go through numerous iterations of their ideas, so doing this just for fun can take up a whole day or more if you wish.


Primary Paint Colors3. Abstract art has been proven to greatly reduce stress. You don’t have to start with an idea in mind, just pick up your paints or pencils and get to work. Figuring out which colors you like next to one another, or which shapes or line types look cool can be a great way to stretch your imagination and just unwind. Often times I find I can end up with a piece that actually looks like it was planned because I’m subconsciously picking up on color palettes I like and innovative compositions just by filling up space.

4. Use a prompt list. There are tons (and tons and tons) of prompt lists for drawing online, but if you don’t like any of those, you can write your own. The idea with prompt lists is to push you to either draw subjects you might not otherwise want to (like mechanical objects, everyday items, unusual animals, plants, etc) or to make you get creative with interpreting single words or ideas. Many prompt lists intend for you to complete one prompt every day, but who said artists had to follow the rules all the time? Just keep plugging away at those prompts as often as you want to.

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Keep the list going in the comments. Add your own artistic activities that you like to do just for fun. We publish a new blog every Tuesday and Friday, so until next time, thank you for reading and goodbye!

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