Bun-derful Rabbit Fun Facts – Wild and Domestic Bunnies

If you’ve been following us for the past few weeks, you may remember that we’ve talked about cats, dogs, and parrots so far. These are all popular animal companions and with a lot of little-known and cute facts. Today we’re going to be talking about some adorable facts about rabbits.

Two Bunnies Playing

1. Rabbits wash themselves like cats do, by licking their paws and then grooming their fur with their paw. Rabbits are very hygienic and don’t need to wash themselves in any other way.
2. Rabbits are very social and love to live with other rabbits. They communicate very subtly with each other in ways that we humans might not even notice. Primarily, they talk to each other by tensing different facial muscles.
3. In the wild, rabbits live off of greens, like leaves and weeds. They like to eat root vegetables (like carrots) but they’re high in sugar so not very healthy. Carrots are like a dessert for them.


Baby Rabbit Standing4. While adult rabbits like to eat and enjoy munching on tough food to grind their teeth down (because their teeth never stop growing), baby rabbits only need to be nursed by their mother for five minutes a day.

5. When rabbits get excited, they do an action called binky. When they binky, it means that they hop up into the air and twist around. This is done to express joy and enthusiasm.
6. The record for the longest rabbit jump is nearly 10 feet long, and the highest is well over a yard up into the air. Those are some strong back feet those rabbits have! What’s more, rabbits can sometimes run up to 18 miles per hour.
7. Baby rabbits are called kittens. Sometimes this name is shortened to kit.

Adult Lop Bunny8. Just like cat kittens, rabbits purr when they are content. But their purr doesn’t sound like a cat’s purr, a rabbit’s purr is more like a quiet chattering and like they’re chewing. Rabbits don’t like to be picked up or put in their back, but petting them while they sit nearby or on your lap will probably make your rabbit purr.
9. Rabbits need lots of place to run around in. Studies have shown that rabbits can get bored if they have to stay in one space for too long, and if kittens don’t have room to run around in, they’re more at risk of injury when they get older.
10. Rabbits live in warrens, an intricate series of tunnels with multiple entrances. Some warrens are as large as a tennis court. In the warrens, rabbits live in groups of about 20 or 30 individuals. Those groups are called herds.

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