Bluebirds | Songbird Fun Facts

Bluebirds are symbols of happiness, hope, and love. I hope that you love and find happiness in this blog post about these special little birds.

Male Bluebird on Branch1. Bluebirds live in the Eastern and Central United States, some areas of Southern Canada, and in parts of Mexico. They are semi-migratory birds. The further North they spend their summers, the further they migrate in the winter. Some bluebirds make a yearly migration from Canada to Texas.
2. Mountain bluebirds live in elevations as high as 12,000 feet above sea level during the summer. In the winter, they move down into lowland woods and deserts.
3. Eastern bluebirds have amazingly sharp vision. They can search the ground for their prey (caterpillars, insects, and bugs) from a distance of 60 feet away.
4. Bluebirds are very social birds. They form flocks of up to 30 individuals. These flocks consist of a pair, their chicks, and single adults.


Baby and Adult Bluebird5. Bluebirds build their nests in holes and cavities in trees, sometimes as high as 50 feet off the ground. They like to live in abandoned woodpecker nest holes or in nest boxes. Older bluebirds are actually more likely than younger bluebirds to use a nest box rather than a natural location.
6. In the mid-20th century, bluebird populations were suffering due to competitors taking nesting cavities. To help the bluebirds, people began to put up nest boxes. Since 1966, bluebird populations have grown year over year.
7. Western bluebirds are the smallest of all the bluebird species. On average, they weigh just one ounce. In a day, the western bluebird rarely eats more than 15 calories. If they are eating for chicks, they eat a little more than 20 calories.


Male and Female Bluebird8. Male bluebirds attract females by finding a place to nest and carrying a little piece of nesting material in and out of the nest hole. If the female bluebird is interested, she will follow him into the hole or cavity. The female is responsible for actually building the nest. Pairs remain together for a few seasons but not forever.
9. Bluebirds sing with their mouths closed. They have songs to attract mates and to declare their territory. There are approximately 1,000 different songs in a bluebird’s vocabulary.
10. The oldest known bluebird was an Eastern bluebird and lived from May 1989 to November 1999. This bluebird was banded in New York and died in South Carolina. The average lifespan for bluebirds in the wild is six years.


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