Badger Fun Facts and Information

Welcome to some fun facts about badgers! If you’re interested in seeing how to draw a badger, head here afterward!

Striped Face Badger1.Badgers can be found almost worldwide. There is the American badger, in North America, and the Eurasian badger, from Ireland to Japan, and the honey badger, in sub-Saharan Africa, India, and the Middle East.
2. A male badgers are called boars and females are called sows. They aren’t closely related to pigs, however. Badgers are in the family Mustelidae, the same family as otters, ferrets, and wolverines. Baby badgers are called cubs.
3. Badgers are omnivores. Their diet usually consists of small birds, mammals, eggs, roots, fruit, and insects. The honey badger also eats, as their name suggests, honey.


Badger Running on Path4. The preferred habitat of a badger is open and grassy. They live in farmland, grasslands, meadows, in altitudes from mountainous to sea level.
5. Badgers are highly social animals and live in groups called clans or cetes, numbering up to 15 individuals. Some clans are smaller or are even pairs.
6. Being nocturnal, badgers spend their days in their burrows, called setts, with the rest of their clan. Setts have different rooms for sleeping and for the bathroom. Setts can be hundreds of years old, passed down from generation to generation.


Honey Badger
Honey Badger

7. Badgers’ sense of smell is about 800 times that of humans. Their eyesight is rather poor, however, so they mostly hunt through their smell.
8. There is a Medieval story about badgers that appears in natural history texts that describe how badgers dig holes under mountains, almost like miners. Several badgers are in charge of moving the dirt, and one badger lays down and puts a stick in their mouth. The digging badgers pile dirt onto the stomach of the badger laying down and, once sufficiently burdened, they pull the badger away by holding the stick in their mouth, like a wagon.
9. Badgers have long claws used for digging. Some badgers’ claws are up to two inches long. American badgers use their digging ability to catch burrowing rodents. They can dig at high speeds in order to catch their prey.


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10. While badgers don’t hibernate, they do go into a state of torpor during the winter. They sleep for about 30 hours at a time, awake to eat and care for themselves, and then go right back to sleep.
11. In the American Southwest, altercations do sometimes happen between badgers and coyotes. However, most of the interactions between these two species are mutually beneficial. They are often seen hunting together.

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