Baboons – Fun Facts and Information

At Light Future Art, we like to share lots of fun and little-known facts with you about both pets and wild animals. Today, we’re going to be discussing some interesting facts about baboons, the world’s largest monkeys.

Baboons Walking on Ground1. Although baboons are monkeys, they tend to spend most of their waking time on the ground. However, they do sleep in trees, sometimes forage for fruit and leaves in the trees, and also keep watch for predators. Baboons do not have prehensile tails, meaning that they cannot use their tails to grip branches like a fifth limb. They do use their tails for balance.
2. Baboons are omnivorous, eating both plants and animals. They mostly eat fruit, grass, bark, roots, and seeds, but also sometimes small mammals and birds, as well. They can display opportunistic behavior and scavenge the prey of larger predators, such as antelope.


Single Baboon on Rock3. There are five species of baboons: chacma, olive, yellow, Guinea, and Hamadryas. The first four live in Africa, in the grasslands, although some populations of these four baboon species live in more tropical climates. The Hamadryas baboon lives in Arabia, near the Red They live in the cliffs and form smaller groups than their African relatives.



Baby Baboon4. Young baboons like to play with each other like many other monkeys and young humans. They swing from branches and vines and play wrestle with each other. Another similarity between humans and baboons are that baby baboons are also called infants.

5. Baboons are incredibly social and participate in large social grooming sessions. They have up to 30 different sounds and calls which they use to communicate with one another. Baboons also utilize a lot of gestures and facial expressions to talk to one another. They regularly share food with other members of their group.
6. Baboons live in huge groups called troops. Troops can be dozens of members strong. The leader is usually the dominant male baboon. The heirarchy of male baboons is determined by size and strength. The hierarchy between female baboons is based on age.
7. Males tend to travel between troops for most of their adult lives. Baboons come of age at eight years old. Females typically stay with the same troops and with the same females throughout their whole lives.


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