Animal Facts To Make You Smile

Today at Light Future Art, we’re going to share some interesting, fun, and/or humorous facts about animals, because we could all use a reason to smile now and then.

A Group of Frogs in Water

1. There is a species of ant that only lives in one area of New York City. It is nicknamed the “ManhattAnt”. They resemble European ants but are distinctly a separate species.
2. Sometimes dogs acting in movies have to be given CGI tails because they wagged their tails too much in real life.
3. Groups of frogs are called armies.



Polar Bear Walking on Snow4. Cows are capable of sleeping either standing up or lying down, but they only have dreams when they’re lying down.
5. A study in 2011 found that pigeons are capable of learning math and counting. Their mathematical abilities are on about the same level as those of monkeys or, in other words, way better than mine.
6. Male horses have more teeth than female horses, on average.
7. Although polar bears are warm-blooded, they don’t give off body heat and don’t show up on infrared scans. This is because the core of their fur is hollow. Experiments have shown that anyone covered in a blanket of polar bear hair doesn’t show up on an infrared scan.


8. Sweden has a competition called “kaninhoppning”, or rabbit jumping. It’s as cool as it sounds. You can watch some kaninhoppning here.
9. Herds of African buffalos decide which direction to move by the females voting on their preference. The buffalos stand up, look in the direction that they wish to travel in, and then lay down, and whichever direction is the most popular is the one that the herd goes to.
10. A 2019 study showed that cats are capable of recognizing the name that you give them. This, of course, doesn’t mean they feel obligated to respond to it.

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Orca Jumping Out of Water

11. It isn’t just humans who can learn new languages. Orcas are capable of learning how to speak dolphin over time, provided that they are living alongside one another. This has only been observed with orcas who are living in captivity.
12. It is possible to know the temperature by listening to crickets. If you count how many times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds and then add 37, that’s how hot it is in degrees Fahrenheit.



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