Animal Attraction in the Wild

Happy Valentines Day! Earlier this week, I showed you the process I used to paint a lovebird couple using watercolor markers. You can read that here. Today, we’re talking about seven ways in which animals show their love for one another.

Puffer Fish Mating Art1. Male puffer fish create beautiful geometric shapes in the sand on the sea floor to attract a mate. They push the sand around by disrupting the water above it with their fins. These shapes commonly look like suns, stars, or wheels. The little puffer fish spend a lot of time and effort into their sand art, I hope it pays off for them.
2. Butterfly fish all live alone except for if they find a mate. If they do find another butterfly fish and fall in love, they will do everything together from that point on: eating, swimming, sleeping. They also are immediately willing to risk danger to find each other if they become separated.


Pair of Love Birds In Tree3. Lovebirds, of course, are known for love. They choose their mates when they are about two months old and stay together, literally side by side, throughout their lives These adorable little birds can often be found cuddling with one another. Be sure to check out Tuesday’s blog, featuring two of these little parrots.
4. Seahorses are unique, as it is actually the males who give birth rather than the females. And to get to that point, their courtship dance actually resembles what humans do. They swim together holding tails, touch their snouts together, and even change colors to indicate that they are interested in one another. While the male is pregnant, the female will visit him every day to spend time together.


Gibbon Couple with Baby5. Gibbons go through many of the experiences that humans do. While not necessarily monogamous, gibbons do get angry at one another for cheating, break up with one another, and (hopefully) ultimately end up spending their life with another gibbon who they share equal responsibility of raising the children with.
6. Beavers are monogamous and can be together for at least 12 years. The happy beaver couple will not be separated except by force, if another male beaver comes and drives the original male away. Scientists sometimes call this “forced divorce”, but it isn’t very common.
7. Albatrosses spend years finding the bird they want to raise their chicks with. They trim down the birds they perform the ritual dance with with each year until only one is left, and then they develop their own language to speak to one another in using pieces of their shared dance.

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I hope you have a fun holiday! See the lovebird painting you’ve heard so much about here on Redbubble. Thank you for reading, be sure to be here every Tuesday and Friday for more animal facts and art tutorials. Until next time, goodbye!

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