20 Fun Facts About Really Cute Animals

Yellow Baby ChicksWe all need a little dose of cute from time to time, so here are 20 cute animal facts to start your day off great, or close it out happily.

Seahorses Holding Tails1. Seahorses hold tails like holding hands when they travel together.  Similar to how humans hold hands to stay together.

2. Squirrels regularly adopt other squirrel babies if they find them without parents, and take care of them the same as their own children.

3. Puffins are monogamous and both parents build the burrow and nest and raise the chicks together sharing duties.

4. The real, actual name for a group of bunnies is called a “fluffle”.



Adult Sheep Sitting in Straw5. Sheep recognize when a human smiles at them and will smile back.  Give it a try next time you are in the company of sheep.  Share a smile and get one in return.

6. Baby polar bears weigh about the same as an adult squirrel which weighs only 1 to 2 pounds.

7. Baby elephants suck on their trunks for comfort, like humans suck on their thumbs.

8. Worms communicate with each other by snuggling together.

9. Baby meerkats are grouped into “clubs” by their parents, who take turns teaching the babies life skills as a group.



Sleeping Snow Leopard10. Snow leopards cuddle with their tails to keep warm.

11. So do red pandas. With their own tails, not the snow leopards’ tails.

12. Chimpanzees practice being good parents by taking care of a rock, which they carry around and treat like a baby for a while.

13. When a cat rubs against you with the top of their head, they’re designating you as someone they can trust and feel safe around.

14. Baby otters are so fluffy that they float without trying.

15. While cheetahs are physically big, they can’t roar and instead meow like small cats.



Macaque and a Snowball

16. Macaques like to make snowballs for fun, but they don’t have snowball fights.

17. Crows like to play pranks on one another.

18. Lots of rodents are ticklish and some even laugh when they’re being tickled.

19. Baby chicks can chirp and peep to each other through their shells before they even hatch, and form bonds with each other while doing so.

20. Otters have a favorite rock, which they tend to keep with them.



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