20 Cool Fun Facts About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have amazed and entranced us since we first discovered them nearly 200 years ago. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest dinosaur facts we know about so far.

Eoraptor The Earliest Known Dinosaur

1. The earliest known dinosaur is Eoraptor, meaning “dawn stealer”. It got its name from living at the “dawn” of the Age of Dinosaurs, 230 million years ago.
2. Some dinosaur eggs could grow to be as large as a soccer ball.
3. Many herbivorous dinosaurs lived in herds that could have reached 1,000 individuals in size.
4. Carnotaurus had the smallest arms out of any dinosaur that we know of, and were so unusable that they might not have even had claws.
5. Richard Owen gave the name “dinosaur” to dinosaurs in 1842, meaning “terrible lizard”.


Anchiornis Huxleyi


6. Carnivorous raptors or other bipedal dinosaurs may have been fast, but the cheetah is still many times faster than they ever could have been. It’s likely that the bulk of the largest raptors slowed them down, and so the fastest raptors were the smaller ones.
7. Anchiornis huxleyi was a tiny dinosaur about the size of a pigeon.
8. Anchiornis is also famous for having four wings. They had feathers on all four limbs, which have been preserved beautifully for scientists to wonder at.
9. Until 1923, when the first dinosaur nest was found in the Gobi Desert, scientists were puzzled about how dinosaurs were born.
10. The largest known herbivore was Argentinosaurus, and weighed over 100 tons.



Snake Shedding Skin11. Dinosaurs inhabited the land, pterosaurs inhabited the skies, and plesiosaurs inhabited the water. Pterosaurs and plesiosaurs are not dinosaurs.
12. Like their modern-day descendants (the birds), many raptors had hollow bones.
13. Dinosaurs live on Earth for more than 60 times longer than we humans have been living here.
14. Scientists think that dinosaurs may have shed their skin as they grew, like lizards and snakes do.
15. Velociraptors were actually the size of turkeys and covered in feathers. The velociraptors in Jurassic Park were Utahraptors.



Therizinosaurus Claw
Therizinosaurus Claw

16. Therizinosaurus had the longest claws and one of the coolest names. Their claws grew up to a yard long, and their name means “reaping lizard”.
17. The first dinosaur ever discovered was a Megalosaurus, and was discovered in the 1820s. Those who found it thought that it was a 20 foot long quadruped lizard.
18. There is some evidence in studying the structure of bones that some dinosaurs may have lived to be 300 years old.
19. Hadrosaur could have up to 1,000 teeth in their mouth at once adn grew new ones, like a shark.
20. The smallest known dinosaur was the Chinese Microraptor, as you might guess from their name. The adults were the size of black birds, although smaller young dinosaur fossils have been found.




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